What’s important? How to Make Real Progress in Your Life

Make Progress in Your Life - The Pay Calculator

I guess you’re busy right? Everyone is. But why is it that some people can appear to be the busiest people alive, but never seem to actually get anywhere?

It’s because of priorities.

Working hard, getting lots done and always being on the go is one thing, but unless these activities are focused on your goals, then you’ll never really make progress.

Of course, there’s only a limited amount of time we all have. So what’s the trick? It’s about choosing the right priorities for the things you spend your time on.

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Average Australian Income, What’s Typical?

Average Australian Income - The Pay Calculator


How does your salary stack up against everyone else? It’s a common question people wonder.

Many people don’t have a clear idea about what the typical Australian income is. Part of the issue is defining what ‘typical’ actually is. There’s ‘average’, but what does that even mean? As you’ll see in this post, there are many ways to view what the typical Australian income is.

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High Interest Debt and How to Get Rid of it

High Interest Debt and How to Get Rid of it - The Pay Calculator


High interest debt is bad for your financial health. It continually pulls you down and makes it harder for you to move forward. Yet many people still don’t do everything they can to get rid of this sort of debt as quickly as possible.

Basically, when saving money, you can and should be using your money to make more money via investments or high interest savings accounts. However, if you have high interest debt, any investment strategy you follow will typically not yield a return higher than what the debt is costing you via interest.

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19 Simple Ways to Save More Money

19 Simple Way to Save Money - The Pay Calculator


There are lots of things you can do to improve your financial position. Well there are kind of really only two things; increase your income or spend less.

Increasing your income is a great idea and definitely achievable, but instantly increasing your income isn’t possible – it takes work. While you’re working hard, here are some things you can do to reduce the cost of living and save more money!
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